Sales Professional - Mandarin - 专业销售顾问

Sales Professional - Mandarin - 专业销售顾问

Birks. Pure Delight

In response to the novel COVID-19 pandemic, our Maison Birks stores, across Canada are temporarily closed, to ensure the well-being of our communities. In the meantime, we happily invite all candidates to apply online, as our Human Resources team will continue search for our hidden gems, in anticipation that we will reopen our doors soon.


Rest assured that we are respecting recommendations set out by our Federal and Provincial governments regarding social distancing. Any interviews with potential candidates will conducted over the phone as well as by video teleconference.


“Stay Safe, Everything is going to be Okay”




Established since 1879, Birks is a luxury jewellery store whose reputation is built on quality, exclusivity, unique design and excellence in service.  We pride ourselves in offering meaningful experiences and in building intimate relationships with each and every one of our clients.


Birks, 起源于1879年, 是拥有近140 年历史的加拿大高端珠宝品牌,自成立以来,其对产品质量、设计独特性以及客户服务上的卓越追求使品牌远近闻名。我们以长期以来和每一位客户建立的充满意义的紧密联系而自豪。


As a Sales Professional, you will get to embody our belief in the promise of a brighter tomorrow through each interaction. As such, you will get to work in a highly motivated team that values excellence, hard work and team work.




Are you our hidden gem?



A result driven candidate that firmly believes in providing an excellent and unique experience to every client.






To do so, the Sales Professional will be expected to …

  • Develop meaningful relationships with each client
  • Make personalized recommendations that meet the client’s needs
  • Foster an environment that puts the client at the forefront
  • Achieve or exceed sales targets continuously



  • 与每一位客人积极建立有效并有意义的客户关系
  • 为客户提供人性化的建议与意见从而满足不同的客户需求
  • 培养一种顾客至上的服务理念
  • 能够持续鞭策自己实现并超越销售目标

Our promise of delight

Our ideal candidate has …
  • A minimum of two (2) years of retail sales experience; luxury retail and/or jewelry experience is preferred
  • Strong team values
  • Great interpersonal and communications skills
  • Good organization and learning skills
  • Knowledge of English and French; Cantonese and Mandarin is preferred
  • 两年或两年以上销售经验,有奢侈品销售/珠宝业从业经验者优先
  • 拥有良好的的团队价值观
  • 拥有良好的沟通交流能力
  • 拥有良好的组织和学习能力
  • 流利英语;普通话以及粤语能力者优先


In return for your commitment to excellence, we offer…

  • Competitive earnings, including commissions and bonuses
  • Social benefits
  • Wellness program
  • Award and recognition programs
  • Innovative and unique training programs
  • Employee discounts
  • 具有市场竟争力的薪酬福利,包括销售提成和奖金
  • 社会福利
  • 医疗计划
  • 奖励和表彰计划
  • 独特并具有创新性的培训机会
  • 员工折扣

At Birks, you will find a management team that truly cares about your professional growth. You will be empowered to be yourself, in order to offer excellent customer service and to create an experience that will build long-lasting client relationships.

Birks, 您将会找到一个真正关心您的职业发展与成长的管理团队。我们将帮助您最大程度的发掘销售潜能来为每一位客户提供卓越的服务以及丰富的客户体验,并以此来建立与客户之间的长期联系。

Come join us at Birks, and let your true self shine!


Are you the gem we are looking for?