Uncut Happiness

I’ve enjoyed a very long career with Birks, and in the past 32 years, I’ve participated in the most important moments in Birks clients’ lives from marriage to birth, from mother’s day to graduations of all sorts, from promotions to birthdays and anniversaries, and finally, I’ve seen clients indulge and treat themselves just for the pleasure of it. This is happiness in the raw that our clients share with us every time they enter one of our stores.

Beautiful things to see and handle, all the while contributing to the happiness of our clients: this is what my job at Birks has entailed and brought me. If you’re looking for a job that will bring you all that joy, I encourage you to join our team.

GIA Certified Gemologist

One Response to Uncut Happiness

  1. Lynn Cohen says:

    Birks is my favorite luxury brand!