Rewarding Holiday Season

After the holiday season the team at Birks is happy to resume work at a more pleasant pace. The long extended store hours and the holiday’s excitement is strenuous, but it also has a pleasant and addictive feeling that our team thrives upon. (more…)

Company Culture

At Birks & Mayors, our company culture separates us from other jewelry stores.  Over the last 130 years our mission and the way we achieve our mission has remained simple: to sell high quality products while building relationships that last forever. (more…)

Beauty in the day-to-day

Birks is known as THE place to shop for beautiful things. Fiancés come in search of sparkling diamond rings, wives find perfect anniversary gifts for their husbands, and grandparents invest in heirlooms for the newborn additions to their family. (more…)

Birks – My New Family

As a new employee of the Birks & Mayors family, I feel just that – part of the family. I was welcomed with open arms into my new position by an office full of engaging team players. Each department I interact with is diverse and dynamic and yet they all work together like a well-oiled machine. In such a short time, I truly feel like an integral part of this team. Above and beyond, my manager has taken the time to personally sit with me to ensure (more…)

Uncut Happiness

I’ve enjoyed a very long career with Birks, and in the past 32 years, I’ve participated in the most important moments in Birks clients’ lives from marriage to birth, from mother’s day to graduations of all sorts, from promotions to birthdays and anniversaries, and finally, I’ve seen clients indulge and treat themselves just for the pleasure of it. This is happiness in the raw that our clients share with us every time they enter one of our stores. (more…)

What I love about working at Birks

I work in the world of splendid, beautiful, precious jewelry that sparkles with different lights and makes us live, love and laugh. Like many women, I love fashion, poetry, and art. My job gives me an opportunity to apply my creative skills, to make people happier in their lives, and to treat each client like he is my best diamond. (more…)